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Friday, September 28, 2012

Entry #4

This week in class we focused on Hicks (2009) and digital writing workshop. I was the leader for the discussion in chapter 3, and learned a great deal of information about technology, specifically blogs, wikis, and word processor. I actually had the opportunity of using all three of these tools during my undergrad. I used a wiki for a group project, as well as Google docs for partner work. I definitely use word processor more that I use any other tool, and I feel much more comfortable using that tool over the others. After discussing chapter 3 with my classmates, I was able to understand more about how other view these tools, and how they are useful when collaborating with students and reflecting during the writing process. Some of my classmates mentioned that these tools are especially great for high school and college students. It is definitely helpful and convenient to use these tools for projects, brainstorming ideas, revising and editing, and collaborating ideas. I love that these tools also save your work, so that you can come back later and know exactly where you left off. I think these tools are also great for students to share their ideas, and get to see exactly what others are saying. The only tool I have used with students so far is word processor. I am very open to exploring these tools more, so that I can allow for students to grow and improve in digital writing.

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  1. Lindsay, this entry appears to be more of a summary of what what was said than an exploration into the topics. I wonder if you are trying to include too many ideas in these entries? You aren't allowing yourself the opportunity to dig deep into the topics presented. Remember, you want to use writing as tool for thinking (questioning, imagining, problem-solving) in these entries.