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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry #1

What core principles do you value and enact in your classroom? Time for writing? Conferring with students? How have those practices remained constant over time? At the same time, consider your familiarity with a variety of technologies including word processors, digital audio and video editors, and online writing spaces such as blogs and wikis. What are some of the challenges you anticipate in trying to blend the principles of the writing workshop with these technologies?

I value that reading and writing time should be a time of discovery and exploring. When children choose what they want to read or write, they are more engaged and interested in the material. The writing and reading classroom environment is also important when children are discovering and exploring. Throughout my student teaching experiences, I allowed children about 15 minutes of free reading or writing time. They were either reading a book of their choice, or they were writing about something fun they did over the weekend. This activity allowed for students to be engaged in what they were doing, whether it was reading or writing. I also liked to walk around and confer with students. I asked questions like, "Who was the main character in the story? Why did you choose to write about this topic? What was the climax or main event?" All of the students were able to give me appropriate answers to my questions, and comprehended whatever they were reading or writing.

Technology has always been a huge part of my undergraduate studies, as well as incorporting technology into my student teaching experiences. Technology is growing so much in today's society and is such a huge component of reading and writing today. By using different technologies, so much more can be accomplished. I am very familiar with wikis, google docs, youtube, videos, digital audio, and the world wide web. All of these tools have allowed me to expand my knowledge about different ways to express writing. I have seen children throughout my field experiences and student teaching, work so well with technology tools. They seem to enjoy writing so much more, when they are using technology. In many ways, technology can hinder a child's develop in being able to write on paper. I believe though that technology is the world today, and it can be so beneficial for many students of all ages, and developmental levels.

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  1. Hi Lindsay, I know this first entry was rushed. On a whole I think you were on the right track. I was curious to learn more about the specific students you taught and what lingering questions you had about your instruction. If you could go back was there anything you would change? Anything you could have done better? These are the kinds of questions you might consider asking yourself as you move through your work this semester.