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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Entry #3

Today in class, we discussed how to use a double entry journal to faciliate predictions, and summary evaluation. This was the first time I have used the double entry journal model, and it definitely seems beneficial for students and teachers. I chose to read Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cornin. Before reading, we made predictions about what we thought the book was going to be about, and what evidence there was to support our predictions. I think this before reading activity is great to get students thinking about what might happen in the book. It is also important to predict before reading because it allows for better understanding and comprehension of the story.  I really liked that we were able to explore the book for a few minutes at the beginning of class. This book was very engaging, and could be used for a variety of lessons, and throughout several content areas. After being able to explore and read the book for about 5 minutes, I was then able to make connections to my predictions, and summarize what really happened in the story. I also discussed what I was right about, and what evidence I had that supported my new insights. I also reflected upon journaling, and if journaling was used in the way I thought it was. This activity would be great to use with many age groups because it prompts critical thinking before, after, and during reading.

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  1. Lindsay, you provide a useful summary of what happened in class. I am still wondering though what you learned from the readings? How will you use journaling with your students? If you picked one of the "many age groups" you mention in the last sentence, how would make the most out of this activity?